DApp Dev Resources | July 17th, 2019

A new fiat on-ramp, simple dApp key management solution, and potential business model ideas for your dApp.

RAMP NETWORK - Using open banking APIs to connect crypto with fiat.

On the back of their €1M raise, Ramp Network gave us a sneak peek into how they’ll utilize these funds to facilitate the mission of building “Coinbase on smart contracts”.

Yesterday, they introduced “Ramp Instant”— an embeddable widget into your dApp that helps onboard users from fiat to crypto.

This offering rivals Wyre’s embeddable widget.

Naturally, they’ll take things slow as they test out new futures with a handful of dApps and wallets. If you want to be an integration partner, consider shooting them an email.

TORUS - Simple key management for DApps.

Torus is part of an emergence of web3 providers. About a month ago, I wrote about the state of web3 providers including MetaMask, Dapper, Portis, Fortmatic, and Bitski.

Even since then, in a short amount of time, we’ve seen more and more similar solutions emerge—Torus being the latest.

The key difference between Torus and the other web3 providers mentioned is the social login aspect—end users can login to dApps with Github, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Torus is live today and can be integrated into your dApp with just a few lines of code.


We compiled some potential business models for your dApp. These business models are being used today by live dApps. Toward monetization and sustainability!

Potential business models:

  1. Transaction fees on volume or dApp usage.

  2. Transaction fees on third party integrations like Wyre or 0x Instant.

  3. Fees to mint or sell tokens (NFTs or synthetic asset exposure tokens).

  4. Monetizing interest earned from cTokens by taking a cut of capital staked in your dApp.

  5. Subscriptions - web 2.0-esque SaaS subscriptions for your web 3.0 dApp.

Read more here.

- Alex & the Ahnboard team

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